Monday, February 20, 2006


Mr. Furious [blog] HAS MOVED!!!111

With the launch of our new, WordPress-powered website at , the Mr. Furious [blog] has moved there.

Please, update your bookmarks/favorites/reading habits!

We released Bike's magnificent new album A Wind I Can Lean Into tonight as well.

New posts will appear only at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111

Thanks for reading,
-howie and Cory Alan

Friday, February 17, 2006


Robot, Creep Closer! recording sesh; Wisecarver's place, Saturday, February 11th

So Robot, Creep Closer! is this newish crazy rock band that Tucci (from Shacker) and I are in, along with John, Gina and Jesse. We recently recorded a 4-song demo at Famous Remnants Member Matt Wisecarver's house. We have yet to mix it (roads and tiredness have postponed it so far), but we're getting that done on Sunday. Anyway, we here at MFR decided it might be kind of cool to give our loyal listeners a sneaky-peaky at how the process goes. It's very intricate and complicated, so hold tight!

We showed up to Carver's at like 1. We set up our crud while Matt ate Taco Bell and chain smoked, and then we did some tests with the mics to make sure that everything was sounding oh so hot. We recorded live, except for the vocals, because we're not what many people would call a "tracking band" (PS, "tracking" means recording one instrumental part, or "track," at time, rather than recording all of the instruments at the same time, or "live"). That's because we rock so hard, when we try to track, people don't know what to do, especially us.

We finally got the sound we wanted at about 3 (making good time for recording, which is a very tedious process) and got 4 songs cranked out pretty quickly. Everyone had headphones except for me, so I stood next to the wall that my amp was on the other side of, and tried my best to stay in time. We recorded four songs:

"Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh, No!"
"Just F*cking Forget It,"
"Dynamite Night-Life," and
"I'm Bustin' A Move!"

Needless to say, these all rock very hard. After we got the 'struments done at 4:30 or 5 or something, we set up for vocals. See how complicated this is so far? I'm sweating. That's the second time I've gotten all sweaty during a blog. Vocals are weird, because you can hear the song in your headphones, but no one else can hear the song, so they just hear you yelling the lyrics a capella (cappela? cappella?), and it's like so embarrassing! Plus Wisecarver kept making me scream to test the mic. Plus I was like 6 drinks deep.

We ended up with a quality product, and we're gonna post the sucker on MFR after it gets all done.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, February 10, 2006



This week I've written lyrics to two of the Ventura songs. They are subject to revision, and the titles are tentative. -h

"Lee's Summit"

Six months out / settled in / frontier town, mission hills / time to change my heart enough to fit
Our / lonesome, crowded western state / teach me how to pray / not as a hero, as a father
No one wins / but we all play / like high school stars / ...I quietly try to give the game away.

CHORUS (instrumental)

Who can speak / the language and / not feel a thing? / Silently, I saw it asking
"What / do you call / a love that mouths / the words / but isn't ready for the living?"
I don't know / it's "not enough."

Say something wrong to me
Say something wrong to me
Create an excuse that I can hold against you / Not much but it's not empty either
Say something wrong; justify me
Haven't yet / I don't think you ever will

"While I Was Moving About Flyover Country"

Hey, love, I heard you walking out
The February sun shines down
One year, your steps took, reaching me
Their sound was covered in the chill breeze

I know just what you're thinking, time after time
What, love? What life we're missing? What's this "goodbye"?

How is our town and how are you?
Time's tough; I haven't come around
I'm scared my ears are getting worse
And I can't find the words, but

I know just what you're thinking...
What love?

It wouldn't take ten minutes to write a fortune;
A horoscope. We're authors of this best-seller
The Times prints us up; we're translated to foreign languages
Our title, "Love, I Heard You Walking Back."

How are you happy not to write?

I know just what you're thinking...

Friday, February 03, 2006



A collection of things-happening, Cory Alan-stylee:


This is what I think will happen with Tonight The Lone Wolf Rides Alone;
1. Open Columns
2. Talk Me Down (Shacker)
3. The Picture Song
4. Pushing The Envelope (JV All*stars)
5. America Votes
6. My Time (BLS / More Than Yesterday)
7. JCM
8. Hawaiian Bells
9.? Bonus Track I'm Still Debating

AND THEN two tracks that will appear only here on the MFR [blog];
"Coast & Plains" from the upcoming (with Cory) Ventura. I wrote the music and Cory wrote the words + melody, and it's the first time we've really done that, so it's pretty rad that I get to give you the first taste of it.
"Holy Moses" from the someday in the distant future (with Cory) new Sally Ride.

Only on the [blog] because I would rather that nonchalant MFR listeners wait for the real version of "Coast & Plains", and "Holy Moses" is a kind of oddity that I probably wouldn't actually play for you if you came over one night (which is what Lone Wolf is supposed to represent).


This morning I took some concrete steps towards new musical adventures, contacting a few different people in KC who had interesting opportunities. One is a new cowpunk/alt-country band, and I don't know what kind of role I might have. One is a gospel band that needs a drummer. One is an indie band looking for keyboards of some sort. We'll see what happens, but it feels good.


New music in my life:

Congotronics 1, Konono No. 1 - This is crazy, amped-up African street-folk music. I pulled it from Pitchfork's year-end list, and some others too - it's something completely different from my usual, and I dig it.

Pixel Revolt, John Vanderslice - I love JV, and this is a great record. His production and lyrics, which are always turbo-colorful, are strong but not OVER-stated; they support each song well. After one listen, I'm ready to say that some of his best work is on this album.

Multiples, Keith Fullerton Whitman - Another from Pitchfork's list. Very abstract, but my experience with it has also been very emotional. It's music that most people won't like - but if you're somebody who gave Gilmo's Points of Parallax even a second listen (I listen to it all the time) then you might get this.

Crusades, The Plastic Constellations - Awesome band, awesome record. These are Minneapolis guys, and they bring the pain with 10 massive shout-alongs that are three parts post-punk bombast, one part Rhymesayers, and one part Aerosmith. The whole album is about being knights and slaying dragons, except for one song where TPC admits that it's not; it's just that the mythical language of crusade is the only kind that feels right in describing their struggles in life. Beautiful; fun; get it.

Saturday, January 28, 2006



Closing in on our 100th post...

The Lone Wolf sessions at Nick's house yesterday and today have taught me a few things. It's good to have a mini-"vacation" even if you never leave town. I'm not as good at playing my own damn songs (and other folks') as I often imagine I am. Despite that, I'm a pretty good cat in the studio, able to analyze my own work well (not objectively, and often not as someone else would, but with an ear towards some kind of standard).

For close [blog] followers, I apologize that this post is late; I know how I feel when I go to read my favorite blog, and there's nothing new.

I will be listening to the tracks I laid over the next few weeks, and deciding what to release, what to put here on the MFR [blog], what to try and re-do, and what to cut. "Open Columns" and "America Votes 2032" from nickel will show up, along with "Talk Me Down." "Hymn...", re-christened "The Picture Song," is in at this point. A couple new tunes I haven't really talked about will probably make it too. The only non-Lincoln band cover that sounds good is my Foo Fighters track (I'm really sad about another one not working... I may try it again, if I can't do it I'll tell you what it is so you can go listen to the record anyway). That one (Foos), and any other covers that I might potentially re-work, I would probably release as a limited number of downloads; after X amount of hits (100?) I would delete the file and it would no longer be legally available from me or MFR.

JT, I hate to tell you, but "Mable" just isn't any fun to play without Scottie. It doesn't click.

After a long weekend of playing songs in Nick's spare bedroom, Bo Ling and bowling, Shadow, driving, college hoops, and a pot of my Italian soup, this lone wolf is home and for bed. See you-